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We know trade businesses and we're here to help you succeed

We are Tradiecore

We wanted to create a platform that was tailor-made for the modern trade business, enabling you to succeed. So we’ve taken all the insights we’ve gained from over a decade in the industry and applied them to build Tradiecore.

Our app is designed to be the technology ‘core’ of your business: helping you manage your jobs and create a smoother experience for your customers and staff.

With our powerful yet simple tools, you’ll have more insights into your business. Ultimately, we’re here to help you know the score: giving you clarity, confidence and control.

The people behind Tradiecore

We are a group of people with a shared goal

Donna Hole

VP Tradiecore

Kirsten Mort

Lead Product Manager

Tim Sheridan

Engineering Manager

Georgia Lang

Product Designer

Chris Aitken

Customer Experience Specialist

Rachel Herman-Reiner

Senior Data Analyst

Jean Bilbrough

Tech Lead

Mark Gil Libres

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Thilina Hettiarachchi

Software Engineer

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